Big Data Services
Organizations rely on Nirvana's expertise for:
  • Consulting
  • Pilot Program
  • Training
  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Metrics identification and Set-up
Solution Selection
  • Experienced professionals to understand your requirements and goals
  • Assess and explain what various (e.g. Cloudera or Hortonworks) distributions can do for our clients
  • Help you select the right solution
  • Define and pilot test the Solution Architecture
Cluster Set-up:
  • Install and Set-up the Cluster (Name Nodes and Data Nodes)
  • Configure Hadoop Environment and Optimize the Cluster
  • Benchmarking (Cluster Health and capability to execute MapReduce)
  • User and Quota limitations Set-up
Data Injection:
  • Identify and analyze data sources and the data sources
  • Load data from the source to target (e.g. HDFS)
Security Assessment:
  • Assess security for data in transit and data at rest
  • Assess security for Big Data Setup and Infrastructure
Training: Train your team on
  • Big Data/Hadoop Administration
  • Big Data/Hadoop Development
  • Big Data/Hadoop Terminologies
  • Big Data/Hadoop Project Management
On-Going Support and Maintenance:
  • Manage Hadoop Clusters
  • Health check
  • Cluster additions or updates
  • User Set-up
  • Quota limitations
Delivery Model
  • Onsite
  • Remote
Business Model
  • Time and Material
  • Fixed Price
  • Hybrid
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