Enhancement Services

Nirvana is a leading ERP company specializing in ERP enhancements for all sized businesses which includes Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management and Customer Relationship Management. Nirvana's take pride in its expertise to solve complex problems and enhancements that are identified post implementation or during on-going support operations.

Nirvana’s Enhancement offerings include:

  • Assess you current mapping of business model
  • Identify the non-value adding processes and functions
  • Identifying the ways and means to simplify & speed up the critical processes
  • Assessment and estimation of enhancements
  • Design and implementation of resolutions
Our differentiator:
  • Understanding of R12 Technology Changes for smooth application/database upgrade & migration of custom objects
  • Extensive experience in solving complex enhancement challenges
  • Get expert functional analysis to help & evaluate list of new features applicable to your environment
  • Expertise in replacing customizations with seeded functionalities
  • Minimize customizations in solving enhancement requirements
Delivery Approach:
The delivery approach for Enhancement services is simple to adopt and it has two Waves
Wave 1 – Assessment to identify issues that would make up the scope of work.


A diagnostic assessment is performed which includes analysis of the existing deployment. Nirvana evaluates the business processes in scope and the underlying technology.


1. Understand current environment:

    • Run the proprietary scripts on a cloned instance to extract all the CEMLI’s (custom objects).
    • Categorizing the CEMLI’s to identify those which can be replaced by standard features.
    • Review core setups and setup blocks like Chart of Account (COA), manufacturing setups and Supply Chain setups to identify the mapping with the business objectives.

2. Identify business process challenges and known issues:

    • Identify challenges that your organization faces.
    • Involves interviews with the business process sponsors, users, and IT support staff.
    • Discovery of known issues, identification and redefinition of challenging business processes by client.


    • Identify the gaps between the current application configuration and the desired business process.
    • Identify quick fixes and changesthat are necessary to reap the value from Oracle applications.
    • Identify customizations and workarounds to be removed to achieve efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership.


    • Submit a detailed report with the health check observations and recommended solutions.
Wave 2 - Execution of Enhancementto fix the issues in scope

Required Clarification and Design

    • Elaborate issues on the issues log.
    • Identify issue owner.
    • Identify solution for the issues in scope.

Build Phase

    • Possible solutionsand designs are evaluated and best available solution is selected.
    • The solution is implemented on a test instance and unit testing is performed.

Test Phase

    • User testing is performed and tested enhancements are deployed to production.
Delivery Model
  • Onsite-Offshore
  • Onsite
  • Hybrid
Business Model
  • Time and Material
  • Fixed Price
  • Hybrid
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