Product Development

The ever-changing facet of business demands development of new products at all times. Despite availability of numerous products in the market, there are capability gaps that no product fills in for. This requires organizations to develop products that suit the line of business they are in.These solutions should be specialized and seamlessly interfaced with existing systems within the company.

Nirvana offers partnering product development to its clients. Nirvana develops and maintains product development plans, offers design capabilities and an execution phase.

We offer the following Product development services:
  • Development of Completely New product specific to the industry
  • Development of Bolt On Solution along with the ERP solution to address the gaps in ERP solution
Nirvana Advantage:
  • Cost effective product development services
  • Reduced risk and increased quality from experience in product development
Delivery Model
  • Onsite-Offshore
  • Onsite
  • Hybrid
Business Model
  • Time and Material
  • Fixed Price
  • Hybrid
  • Partnership
  • Hosting and Technology Partnership
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